Council 6552 Hosts Benefit For Accident Victim

Friday, December 20, 2019

Council 6552 hosted a Fundraiser event for a woman from our community that lost both her legs in an accident.

I have attached a Press Release as well as a copy of the story that a local magazine ran on the event.

What made it so special was that it is an idea that was given birth by our Worthy State Treasurer, Jim Stoever, and his wife, Lady Marlene.  Jim contacted me and I git the ball rolling.  It was nice to work alongside another NJ District Deputy, John Flynn, and the local council’s Financial Secretary, John Housen in planning and running the event.


Truly, twelve (12) councils made donations to the cause while 9 councils combined to purchase 14 reserved tables for the event.

Jim and Marlene Stoever sponsored the entertainment for the evening, various State Officers made donations as did te Knights f Columbus Motorcycle Ministry!


One of the nice things to come of this event was to see the two local councils, the Vincent T. Lombardi 6552 and the Rev. Joseph Donnelly 11660 Councils come together to make it happen.  They set-up, served the dinner, sold tickets, ran the gift auction, and cleaned-up!  Truly, it was all about Knights in Action in the community.


The event raised $16,000.00 for Maryann Murray Levine.  Her sister and her daughter were in attendance at the Comedy Show Dinner and they ere very-well received!  In all, it was a great night for a great cause!

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