Little Falls Dry Cleaners Repairs & Restitches Council 3835's American Flag!

Friday, April 19, 2019

I am happy to advise the Council at large that our American Flag has been graciously repaired, re-stitched, and dry cleaned by Affordable Cleaners of Little Falls. They have done this for us as a free professional courtesy as a show of support not only for our Council and the Knights in general, but also most importantly in the interest of American Patriotism.

If you are already a customer, please be sure to specifically thank them for this the next time you are there.

If you are not a customer, please keep them in mind in the interest of “supporting those who support us”.

If you are the kind of guy who simply just doesn’t have the genre of wardrobe that needs much dry cleaning (like me), please drop in and personally thank them anyways if you ever happen to find yourself walking past their location.

If you don’t have much dry cleaning (like me) and you don’t do much walking (like me) but you do like to use the telephone (like me), please consider taking 2 minutes out of your day to call them up to simply say something to the general effect of: “Thanks for keeping our American Flag looking sharp! The Knights very sincerely appreciate your patriotism!”

As brother Knights a strong show of “thank you” from all of us to our friends at Affordable Cleaners of Little Falls is well in order for their very thoughtful donation in kind to show proper care and respect for our American Flag!

They are located at:

Affordable Cleaners and Tailors
525 Main Street
Little Falls, NJ 07424-1132
1-973-237-9080 [Call: 1-973-237-9080]

One Nation Under God And God Bless America!

Happy Easter,

- SK Eric Nunes

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