Garfield Council 2863 Donates Ultrasound Machine

Friday, February 08, 2019

In their continuing effort to prevent abortions in a non-confrontational, non-violent, confidential and personal way, the Knights of Columbus have been donating portable ultrasound machines for use outside clinics where abortions are performed.  The Knights from Garfield Council #2863 recently donated another of these machines to Several Sources Shelters which has over the years saved over 700 of these babies!  

These portable devices allow prospective mothers, free of charge, to get to see, hear and know their child before deciding on a course of action.  Over the past several years the Knights have donated over 1,000 of these machines because they have discovered that once a mother experiences ultrasound they are far more likely to deliver their child. 

The ultrasound machine is contained in a van which is parked outside a clinic where abortions are available.  A trained technician is then able to show the mother the unborn child via a non-invasive procedure in a relaxing, comfortable and private environment. 

Photo Legend: 

(From Top left) Knights of Columbus David Cordero Past Grand Knight , Ray Lill Past Grand Knight &  Former District Deputy , Bob Hatler New Jersey State Deputy, Jim Sweeney New Jersey State Warden, a Mother with saved child.

(Bottom row left to right) a Mother with saved child , a Mother with saved child, Kathy Defiori President of Several Sources, Rosie the ultra sound technician.


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