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Council 6552 Places Local & Trenton Diocese Winners

Sunday, April 07, 2019

St. Mary’s Elementary School in Middletown, NJ had every student in the school participate in the “Keep Christ in Christmas” Poster Contest!   Last year, with all 409 students entering, the school had a 1st Place Winner and a 2nd Place winner at the Diocese Level.

This year, with almost 380 students entering, St. Mary’s swept the competition at the Trenton Diocese Level with all six winners (three 1st Place Winners and three 2nd Place winners).  A special thank you to Craig Palmer, Principal of St. Mary’s, for allowing the Knights to bring the contest to his school.  Another special thank you goes out to St. Mary’s incredible Art Teacher, Mary Jean Marsh.   Protocol for the contest states that the 11x17 poster must be the student’s own work.  Mrs. Marsh saw to it that all work on the posters was done in art class and students could not bring their work home.  Kudos to Craig and Mary Jean for tying the theme of “Keeping Christ in Christ” in with their religion class studies.  One student mentioned to me that his parents loved the contest because it made for great conversation about Jesus and Christmas at their family dinner table!


Here are the Trenton Diocese Poster Contest winners from St. Mary’s:

                2nd Place:

    Meadow Billet (1st grade)
    Hailey Magill (3rd grade)
    Brendan Allen (6th grade)

        1st Place Winners:

    Jack Lambert (2nd grade)
    Meghan Golding (5th grade)
    Cassidy Mahoney (7th grade)

IN ADDITION, Cassidy Mahoneywas recently named the winner at the New Jersey State Level for the 6th – 8th grade contest!

The students each received a plaque from the Diocese and a stipend from the Lombardi 6552 Council at the April 5th Assembly.

Cassidy will receive a plaque as the State Winner at the New Jersey State Convention in Wildwood on May 17, 2019!

Congratulations to all the students!


Photo Credits: 

First Photo:  Back row of the picture (left to right: Craig Palmer, Principal of St. Mary’s; Domenick Carofine, GK of Council 6552; John Housen FS of Council 6552; Robert Castner, Community Director of Council 6552; and Mary Jean Marsh, Art Teacher at St. Mary’s)


Second picture:  State Winner Cassidy Mahoney

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