Council #13677 Knights & Squires Celebrate Parish's 30th with Silver Rose

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Saint Kateri Council #13677 Knights and Squires Circle coordinated the visit of the Silver Rose to Saint Kateri Parish on September 29th.  The Saint Kateri Parish was celebrating their 30th Anniversary with a Mass con-celebrated by  Paterson Diocese Bishop Arthur Serratelli as the main celebrantant along with St. Kateri Pastor Father Vidal Gonzales.   The Parishioners had a wonderful celebration with mass and a special dedication of a stain glass window that was donated by our late pastor, and former Paterson Federation Chaplain, Father Patrick Rice.   To have the Silver Rose visit the parish on this special day, helped make the mass and dedication even more meaningful.  The Dominick Calabrese Assembly Color Corps was also present for the event.

Special thanks to fellow New Jersey Knights for the great partnership in the handoff.   Brother John Brandon met Cpouncil representatives on the Jersey turnpike, in the Fords area, to pick up the Rose on Friday night, September 28th. Then after our program, Saint Kateri Grand Knight Greg Risco was able to meet Brother Greg Zagaja of the Wallington Council at a meeting point in Denville on Sunday.  Thanks to Steve Hutnik for helping us coordinate that handoff with Greg.

Our Silver Rose ceremony was fabulous with 9 Squires and 2 Squire Roses participating.  Over 200 parishioners and guests attended the anniversary mass.

Circle and State Chief Squire John Hunter Zoetjes along with Rose Grace Wyckoff, jointly carried the Silver Rose up in the opening procession.  Deputy Chief Squire Greg Puszcz carried a portrait of Our Lady of Guadalupe that was painted by one of our parishioners Dorothy Armstrong.   Squires including our Marshall officer Charlie Wyckoff, Sebastian Gomez, Michael Fowler, Notary officer Paul McFadden, and Robert Hantranft each carried lit candles which featured the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and placed them around the table where the Silver Rose was placed.   And Squires Paul Shumlas and circle Pole Captain James Phillips served as the senior altar servers for the mass.

Details on photos:

1 - Squires Paul Shumlas and James Phillips (foreground) were the lead altar servers and were followed in the procession by several Squires and Roses who carried candles (with an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe) on the front.  Behind the altar servers is Squire Charlie Wyckoff and Chief Rose Amanda Scanlan.

2 - Rose officer Grace Wyckoff and Circle and State Chief Squire John Hunter Zoetjes carry the Silver Rose up to the side of the altar.

3 -Deputy Chief Squire Greg Puszcz carries up a portrait of Our Lady of Guadalupe that was painted by a parishioner Dorothy Armstrong.

4 - Saint Kateri Squires and Roses after mass.   Front row from left: Paul Shumlas, Chief Rose Amanda Scanlan, Grace Wyckoff, Chief Squire John Hunter Zoetjes, and Squire Pole Captain James Phillips.   Back row from left: Deputy Chief Squire Greg Puszcz, Robert Hartranft, Sebastian Gomez, Circle Notary Paul McFadden, and Michael Fowler.

On behalf of our pastor Father Vidal Gonzales, our Grand Knight Greg Risco, our Saint Kateri Knights Council 13677, my fellow Squires and Roses counselors, and all our Squires, Roses, and their families, I appreciate your support and ongoing dedication to the New Jersey State "Running of the Silver Rose".

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Nick Cutrone, PGK
Squires Chief Counselor
Saint Kateri Knights

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