4th Degree ~ 1st NJ District EXEMPLIFICATION

DATE:              April 19, 2020 (NOTE NEW DATE!)

TIME:              Mass at 9:30 AM (Optional)
                        Registration at 11:30 AM
                                   (closes at 12:30 PM)
                        Candidates line up for entrance 1:15 PM
                        Start of Degree Ceremony at 1:30 PM
                        Dinner at 4:30 PM

LOCATION:    The Sheraton Tara Hotel   LINK to MAP
                        199 Smith Road (off of Route 80 East) 
                        Parsippany, NJ 07054  

HONOREE:     NJ State Deputy Vinnie Tavormina


Link to General Info, Agenda, FAQs

Link to Exemplification Forms: Candidate List and Dinner Seating

Link to Ad Journal Info and Forms

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Note:  Registration will begin at 11:30am.  The candidate must be dressed for the degree when reporting and must present his traveling card for admission.

Candidate Option# 1 - Tuxedo requirements are as follows:
     - Black Tuxedo is standard – NO Formal tails.
     - White formal shirt, pleated, with lay down collar
           (NO ruffles or wing tip collars)
     - Black Bow tie
     - Black Cummerbund  -  NO VESTS
     - Black Shoes and Black Socks
     - NO GLOVES

Candidate Option #2 - Dark Suit
     - Dark suit ~ Black, Dark Blue or Dark Grey
     - White Dress Shirt
     - Necktie, solid color (NO FLAG NECKTIES)
     - Black Shoes and Black Socks

Candidate Option#3 - Class “A” Uniform
     - Armed forces, Full-time Police, Firefighters

4th Degree ~ 2nd NJ District EXEMPLIFICATION

DATE:              To Be Announced

TIME:              .




For additional information on the 2nd NJ District (South) Fourth Degree Exemplification contact Master Christopher A. Tomasello.

Link to Exemplification Info

Link to 2nd NJ District Website


Recent 4th Degree Exemplifications - November 2019

In November 2019, the 1st and 2nd NJ Districts each held an Exemplification of the Fourth Degree, welcoming a total of 217 new Sir Knights into Fourth Degree Assemblies in New Jersey.

Congratulations to our Fourth Degree District Masters, Paul Pinkman and Christopher A. Tomasello, and all of their staff for their outstanding job in organizing and conducting these two Exemplifications of the Fourth Degree!

All Third Degree Knights are encouraged to join the Fourth Degree.  The Fourth Degree is the highest degree of the Order.  The primary purpose of the Fourth Degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism and to encourage active Catholic Citizenship.

Fourth Degree Contacts

For additional information contact:

Northern NJ:  First NJ District Master Paul Pinkman

Southern NJ: Second NJ District Master Christopher A. Tomasello


About the Fourth Degree - LINK