4th Degree ~ 1st NJ District Exemplification

Sheraton Tara Hotel
199 Smith Road (off of Rt. 80 East)
Parsippany, New Jersey 07054

Invitation, Details and Forms

Souvenir Journal Forms

Sir Knight of the Year Nomination Form


1.    9:30 AM    Celebration of Mass in the Morris Room.
Attendance is optional.

2. 11:15 AM     Registration of Candidates - Hallway outside of the Morris Room (Antechamber) Registration will be cut-off at 12:45 PM.

3. 1:00 PM    Start of the Degree for Candidates by Master in Antechamber (Morris Room).

4. 1:15 PM     Line Up. All Dignitaries, Color Corps, and Candidates MUST BE PRESENT AT THIS TIME for entrance into the Assembly chamber (Parsippany Ballroom) for the start of the Degree.

5. 1:30 PM     Degree start by Master in Chamber (Parsippany Ballroom).    

 6. 4:30 PM     Dinner (The Grand Ballroom)