Important Note for ALL Formation Degrees

Important Note:  Candidates must have current Admission Degree membership card, and a completed Formation Degree card upon arrival.  Candidates should be confirmed within one week of the degree.  You need to submit the following  information:  Council number; Council name; Financial Secretary's name; Financial Secretary's phone; Candidate name (first and last) for each candidate.  This information will speed the process upon your arrival and help to insure the degree begins on time.  It is the responsibility of the Councils to ensure that all candidates, Council Officers AND sponsors wear a jacket and tie to the exemplification.

Note to Council Homes:  Bars must NOT be open prior to, or during a Degree (Sec. 245 – Charter, Constitution, Laws of the Order).

Bergen County July 14

Host Council: OUR LADY OF FATIMA #4486
Location: Our Lady of Mercy Church lower gathering space, 25 Fremont Ave. Park Ridge NJ 07646
Degree Start Time: 8:00 pm
Degree Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Degree Type: Charity, Unity and Fraternity Degree
Contact Frank A. Lentino
Phone 201-264-0198 ~ E-mail