Notes for ALL Admission Degrees

It is the responsibility of the Councils to ensure that all candidates wear a jacket and tie to their exemplification.  Officers, sponsors and escorts should also be appropriately dressed.  Please make sure that escort has a completed membership card, rosary, emblem pin, booklet: These Men They Call Knights” for each candidate.

Important Note: Candidates should be confirmed within one week of the degree.  You need to submit the following: Council number; Council name; Financial Secretary's name; Financial Secretary's phone; Candidate name (first and last) for each candidate.  This information will speed the process upon your arrival and help to insure the degree begins on time.

Note to Council Homes:  Bars must NOT be open prior to, or during a Degree (Sec. 245 – Charter, Constitution, Laws of the Order).

Camden County January 17

Host Council: HOLY CRUSADERS #9193
Location: Our Lady of Hope Parish Center, 701 Little Gloucester Road, Blackwood NJ 08012
Sign In: 7:30
Degree Start Time: 8:00
Degree Date: Thursday, January 17, 2019
Contact Pat Theckston
Phone 609-217-3379 ~ E-mail