General Programs

I am truly honored to be the new NJ State Council General Program Director. At times it will be challenging, but I am also excited about what is to come in the new Columbian year. We all have the responsibility to promote our programs to our members. It is through Programs that we are able to retain our members. An active member will be a happy member.

Ask your active members and they will tell you that they stay active because they enjoy working closely with their brother Knights. The Fraternity and friendships that one makes through the Knights cannot be duplicated. Participation in the service programs is the cornerstone to a good Council.

Programs are a source of pride and honor for living our lives the way Christ wanted us to. They are especially important on many levels, most notably the spiritual. Our service programs are based on Catholicism and the Principles of our Order.

By doing the good deeds that our Lord has put before us we will be “ANCHORED IN CHARITY AND FRATERNITY”.

Let us, together, do our best and work on creating a calendar of programs, with the tools supplied by our State Council and Supreme. Let us have fun in doing God’s work and lets bring other likeminded Catholic men into our Order.

Vivat Jesus,
Hal Delaney, FDD
NJ State Council General Program Director

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