Family Programs

Brother Knights,

Father McGivney sought to strengthen the familial bond of father to mother and children to parents.  His vision for family life was not only financial and material aid but also spiritual strength.  The majority of our time is easily spent in secular circles unless we intentionally create ways to live the domestic church.  These programs, created for families by families, help us to live this call.

Robert Wright, FDD
Family Director
New Jersey State Council


State Council Family Programs:

1. Alzheimers Awareness and Family Respite Care
    State Chairman (North): Neal McGarrity, PGK
    State Chairman (South): Jack Persia, FM

2. Autism Awareness and Family Support
    State Chairman: Bernard Ernst, FDD

3. Bishop Doughtery Scholarship
    State Chairman: Anthony Bernice, FDD

4. Consecration to the Holy Family (MANDATORY PROGRAM) - LINK
    State Chairman: John Brower, FDD

5. Family Fully Alive - LINK
    State Chairman: Kevin Henry, FDD

6. Family of the Month/Year - LINK
    State Chairman: Chris Ege, FDD

7. Family Prayer Night - LINK
    State Chairman: Jim Charlton

8. Family Week - LINK
    State Chairman: Chuck Hollis, DD

9. Food for Families (Featured Program) - LINK
    State Chairman: Ed Visinski, PGK

10. Food for the Hungry-Holiday Food Baskets
      State Chairman: Ed Visinski, PGK

11. Fr. John Murray Scholarship
      State Chairman: Steve Martin, PGK

12. Good Friday Family Promotion - LINK
      State Chairman: Deacon Dave Waguespack

13. John Attardo Scholarship
      State Chairman: Peter Briody, PGK

14. Keep Christ in Christmas - LINK
      State Chairman: Pete Kudless, PGK

15. Keep Christ in Christmas Card Program
      State Chairman: Pete Kudless, PGK

16. Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest
      State Chairman: Ron Hall, FDD

17. Knight of the Month/Year
      State Chairman: Chris Ege, FDD

18. Wedding Certificates
      State Chairman: John Jones, FDD

Important Links:
Supreme Council Family Programs: LINK
Faith In Action: LINK
Faith In Action Guidebook:  LINK
Program Report Form (10784):  LINK
Other forms: LINK

Note:  Councils should send program reports to:,, the State Chairman for the Program, and their District Deputy.