Faith Programs

Brother Knights,

Our goal is to strengthen men and their families in the Catholic faith.  Formation in our faith goes beyond mere facts or religious practice to an authentic connection with a loving God and his Son, Jesus Christ.  Programs in this category are designed to draw us closer to God and the Church in a tangible and meaningful way.

Robert Lynch, FDD
Faith Director
New Jersey State Council


State Council Faith Programs:

1. Building the Domestic Church Kiosk - LINK
    State Chairman: Silvio  Sartori, FDD

2. CCD Teacher-of-the-Year
    State Chairman: John Java, PGK

3. Parochial Teacher-of-the-Year
    State Chairman: John Java, PGK

4. Chaplain-of-the-Year
    State Chairman: Stan Serafin, FDD

5. Fr. McGivney Guild
    State Chairman: Bill Birtwistle, KHS, PSD

6. Holy Hour - LINK
    State Chairman: Silvio  Sartori, FDD

7. Into the Breach - LINK
    State Chairman: James Vargas, PGK

8. Keep Christ Before Us
    State Chairman: John Gazis, FDD

9. Marian Devotion Program - LINK
    State Chairman: John Truglio, FDD

10. Rosary Program - LINK  

      a. Family Rosary Rally – North
          State Chairman: Peter Kueken, Jr., FDD

      b. Family Rosary Rally – South
          State Chairman: Peter Cassiano, FDD

11. Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP) (Featured Program) - LINK
      State Chairman: Reggie Beckett, KSG, KGCHS, PSD

12. Sacramental Gifts - LINK
      State Chairman: Tom Olson, PGK

13. Seminarian Letters
      State Chairman: John Tirado, FDD

14. Spiritual Reflection Program (MANDATORY PROGRAM) - LINK
      State Chairman: Richard Skrocki, FDD

15. State Council Retreat
      State Chairman: John LeClercq, FDD

Important Links:
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Faith In Action Guidebook:  LINK
Program Report Form (10784):  LINK
Other forms: LINK

Note:  Councils should send program reports to:,, the State Chairman for the Program, and their District Deputy.