White Ribbon Against Pornography

We need to stop the rising tide of pornography in our communities.  People need to know the harm that pornography can do and that it is not “victimless.”  This is done through the raising of awareness in our communities.  But how do we do this?

We should hold an “Awareness Week” in our communities or parishes and organize:
•    Protests
•    Letter-writing campaigns
•    Group discussions
•    Sermons at church
•    Handing out awareness flyers
•    School assemblies, etc.

Spread the word and get other organizations involved.  Catholic Daughters of America is already associated with this project, and the Freehold Chapter is already involved.  For more ideas and information, visit www.moralityinmedia.org and www.wrapfamily.com.

Your individual council members can also proudly wear or display a white ribbon on their lapel or car.  You can order them from www.wrapfamily.com/magnets.htm