Truth Booth Cards

The Truth Booth is a great program that puts video displays in public places, like shopping malls, that show ultrasound images.  But there were obstacles to this: It was expensive, it involved lots of volunteer time to maintain, and malls were resistant to placement.

But what if the Truth Booth were inexpensive, not limited to one location, portable, and you could get it seen by everyone considering an abortion?  That is the idea behind the Truth Booth Card, a business card with a QR Code that can be scanned with a smartphone causing it to play the Truth Booth video.

These can be handed out to any young woman considering an abortion.  One effective way to do this is while we are manning our life chains at abortion mills as part of our Abortion Facilities Vigil program.

Getting these cards printed is easy and inexpensive.  Just download the card design at this LINK, then go to the VistaPrint web site at this LINK and upload it.  Order as many as you need and get them into the hands of those women making a difficult decision.  Let’s help them to choose life!

Truth Booth Business Cards