Community Programs

My Fellow Brothers,

As Knights of Columbus, we are called to serve our family and our God.  Our first principle is Charity, at home with our families or in our communities.  This is a critical part of our Knights of Columbus mission.  Have you ever wondered, “How can I make my community better?”  Individuals can do great things on their own, but there is something bigger than self when Knights of Columbus members come together as one through their council and accomplish great things.  Councils that conduct these Community Programs are positively shaping their communities by addressing the needs of its citizens.

The local Knights of Columbus council, under the leadership of the Grand Knight, along with the council officers and members, select the activities and programs that the council implements.  It is through these programs that the council works for the betterment of our communities and our youth.  As a Catholic, family, fraternal service organization, we strive to assist our fellow man and their families, our church, and our community in their well being.

There are programs like the Soccer Challenge, Free Throw Tournament Contest, Coats for Kids and the Spelling Bee for the children to name a few.  In addition, some of the other programs include New Eyes for the Needy, Homeless Shelter Support, and “Send a Hero Home for the Holidays”.

All of the Community Programs, along with detailed information on each of them, can be found in the Grand Knight’s Handbook.  You can access the Grand Knight’s Handbook by logging into “Resources, Manuals and Directories” and then select the “Grand Knight Resources” Tab.  There, you will find a wealth of information.

In Brotherhood,
Rob Wright, FDD
Community Programs Director
New Jersey State Council


State Council Community Programs:

1. Amber Alert
    State Chairman: Raymond Lillie, FDD

2. Bowling Tournament
    State Chairman: Andrew Kelly

3. Catholic Citizens Essay Contest - LINK
    State Chairman: Stephen Agnone, PGK

4. Child ID Kits
    State Chairman: Raymond Lillie, FDD

5. Coats for Kids (Featured Program) - LINK
    State Chairman: Robert Morgan, PGK

6. Columbian Squires
    State Chairman: Peter Briody, PGK

7. Council Bulletin / Newsletter Contest
    State Chairman: Ron Kist

8. Council Website Contest
    State Chairman: Bernard Ernst, FDD

9. Disaster Preparedness - LINK
    State Chairman: Joseph Charmello, DD

10. Drug and Mental Health Awareness
      State Chairman: Dr. Andrew Savicky, FDD

11. Free Throw Tournament - LINK
      State Chairman: John Gazis, FDD

12. Habitat for Humanity (Featured Program) - LINK
      State Chairman: Louis Monteforte, DD

13. Helping Hands (MANDATORY PROGRAM) - LINK
      State Chairman: Jack Myatt, PGK

14. Homeless Support
      State Chairman: William Hoffman, FDD

15. Knights of Columbus License Plates
      State Chairman: Henry Keating, FDD

16. Motorcycle Ministry
      State Chairman and President: Gerry Aponte

17. New Eyes for the Needy
      State Chairman: Joseph Charmello, DD

18. One National God / Fly the Flag
      State Chairman: John Gazis, FDD

19. Photography Contest
      State Chairman: John Gazis, FDD

20. Scouting Awards
      State Chairman: Christopher Hurley

21. Send a Hero Home for the Holidays
      State Chairman: A. Thomas Ponting, FDD

22. Senior Citizen of the Year
      State Chairman: George French, FDD

23. Shield & Emergency Care Service Awards (Police/Fire/EMT)
      State Chairman: George French, FDD

24. Shoulder-to-Shoulder
      State Chairman: Anthony Barlowski, FDD

25. Soccer Challenge - LINK
      State Chairman: Vito Pulito, DD

26. Spelling Bee
      State Chairman: Raymond Lillie, FDD

27. Tank Pull - North
      State Chairman: John Hughes

28. Tank Pull/Fire Truck Pull - South
      State Chairman: John Brandon, FDD

29. Veterans Assistance
      State Chairman (North): Paul Pinkman, MFD
      State Chairman (Central): Jeffery Bourne, FDD
      State Chairman (South): Carmine Amico, FDD

30. American Wheelchair Mission
      State Chairmen (North): Paul Pinkman, MFD
      State Chairman (South): William McCartney, FDD

31. Global Wheelchair Mission (Featured Program) - LINK
      State Chairman: Paul Pinkman, MFD

Important Links:
Supreme Council Community Programs: LINK
Faith In Action: LINK
Faith In Action Guidebook: LINK
Program Report Form (10784): LINK
Other forms: LINK

Note: Councils should send program reports to:,, the State Chairman for the Program, and their District Deputy.