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Legislation Action

The New Jersey Knights of Columbus have been at the forefront of supporting legislation that conforms to our religious and social beliefs and tenets.  If you are a member of the state committee, you must receive level four clearance to proceed.

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Good Counsel Home in Hoboken

Dear Friends,

I am sending this message regarding the Good Counsel Home in Hoboken. As you know Good Counsel has been trying to open up the former Our Lady of Grace Convent as a home for unwed mothers for approximately two years. Thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of love and labor have gone into making this dream into a reality for the moms who have no other place to go. Right now Good Counsel runs five homes for unwed mothers in New York but a home in New Jersey is desperately needed. This home could house 20 moms and their babies and supply them with the help they need to begin a new life with the nurturing, skills and education they need and deserve. Unfortunately there has been a roadblock which has been stalling and frustrating any progress for the past year and I’m sad to say it has been the Pastor. The Archbishop is very much aware of the situation and he believes it is being taken care of on a local level but it is not. The compromise decision is for Good Counsel to use the top floor and the kitchen and that is all.

The second floor and dining room and basement would all be used by the parish. As you can see this totally frustrates and makes any use of the home as a home for unwed mother impossible. My understanding is the parish has plenty of other space to use. My understanding is that an agreement was made two years ago with the current Archbishop and the then Pastor to allow Good Counsel free use of the facility for five years with an option for five more because this is the way the Archdiocese allows use of this type and for these terms.

I am asking all pro-lifers, Knights of Columbus members and all those of good conscience to please join for a peaceful prayer protest this coming Saturday, May 12 from 10A.M. to 12 noon in the front of the convent at 411 Clinton in Hoboken. The police department has already been notified and it is ok with them and our Archbishop has been notified and invited to take part in this demonstration of love and support of Good Counsel and the effort to open this facility. Copies on the Archbishops letter in defense of life and the problems which have been encountered with the opening of Good Counsel Homes in Hoboken, which was originally begun in Hoboken in 1986, will be distributed. Thank you for your presence and for getting the word out. May the Good Lord richly bless you!

In His Peace, Love and Joy,

Larry Crawford

MIT Prof: Embryonic Stem Cell Research Nowhere Close to Helping Patients

An MIT professor says that embryonic stem cell research is nowhere close to helping patients.

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New York Court Ruling May Force Catholic Group to Fund Abortions

The New York Supreme Court ruled that Catholic and other religious social services groups must fund contraception in their employees' health care plans. The ruling has pro-life advocates worried because it could lead to forcing the Christian groups to fund abortions as well.

Even though the groups are opposed to contraception, the state's high court ruled in a unanimous 6-0 ruling that Catholic Charities and nine other organizations must fund it anyway.

Adult Stem Cell Research Advance Could Help Treat Lung Diseases

Scientists have made advances in treating lung diseases utilizing adult stem cells.