March 1, 2017

Turn Off the TV Day

Television entertainment these days is bad and it is getting worse.  Profanity is no longer censored, inappropriate sexual content is presented to our children, and homosexual lifestyles are being portrayed as acceptable through shows like “Modern Family.”  At the same time, other programs like “Mom,” “Family Guy,” and “Scandal” present inappropriate sexual content, violence, and profanity.  Check out for more information.The job of the parent has also become more difficult, as On Demand viewing has eliminated the “Family Hour” and these shows can be accessed at any time through Internet streaming services like Netflix.  This cannot continue and we must do something.It is time to say, “Enough is enough” and turn off our TVs for one day.  We must take action and protest what is going on.  We are holding the next "Turn Off the TV Day" on October 21,, 2016. Feel free to get other organizations involved with you, such as your parish (a sample pulpit announcement can be downloaded from the link below), local PTA groups, and the like.But just turning off the TV isn’t enough!  We need to let the networks know what we are doing and why by sending them letters declaring our intent.  A list of addresses and a sample letter can be found through the links below.  We should also write letters to the editors of our local newspapers.  Let’s let them know how we feel and that things must change!Note on Form Letters:  Download and save to YOUR hard drive FIRST before editing.  Do NOT click and save on-line form!