Have you ever sat amongst a group of strangers and wondered, “How many of these people are suffering from a chronic illness? Who here just lost a spouse or a child?  Does anyone here have a child with Downs Syndrome?  How many are caring for elderly parents?”
There are many people with special needs living in our communities, and we interact with many of them on a daily basis. The quality of life of every person is very important and how we care for the needs and dignity of each individual may even affect the lives of our family or friends. We need to remember that we are all God’s children and He is the one who gives us rights, dignity and worth. Education and financial support of these programs is crucial for discouraging the myths that are often used to justify actions contrary to life.  We must show that life, at any age, can be lived to its fullest, with joy and satisfaction according to God’s time-table.  We are called by Christ through our Catholic Social Teaching to protect the weak and the vulnerable, to care for the needy and to treat all persons with respect and dignity. 

We can learn a great deal about others and about ourselves when we step out of our comfort zone and give a helping hand. Sometimes just knowing that you’re not going it alone can make the pain and suffering bearable. 

Joseph D. Wickham, OFS, FDD
Special Programs Director


  • Windows to the Womb
  • Intellectual Disability Drive
  • Special Olympics
  • Polar Bear Plunge
  • Deborah Hospital Support
  • Alzheimer’s Respite Care Fund
  • Programs for the Elderly
  • Marian Devotion