I am looking forward to the challenges and excitement ahead for all of us in the new Columbian year. We have a significant responsibility in promoting programs as a means of living the new evangelization, becoming the center of parish activity, and a vehicle for recruitment and retention. 


Ask any active member and he will tell you the reason he stays active is he enjoys the fraternity and working on one or more Council programs.  The goodness one feels as well as the fraternity created, is the cornerstone to a successful activity and Council.  Participation in our service programs is what calls us to join and keeps us part of the Knights. Service programs are the very reason for the council’s existence. They are the source of honor, pride, membership, and reputation for accomplishing good by living as Christ has beckoned us to live. They are especially important on many levels, most notably the spiritual. The Gospel calls us to live our lives as practical Catholics, and the late Pope John Paul II both encouraged and challenged us to “live the new evangelization.” Our service programs are based on Catholicism and the principles of our Order. By participating and advocating for our council members to participate in such activities, we can work toward our callings to achieve our spiritual aspirations and give glory to God.  We can also better “Protect God’s Kingdom” through our service programs in our Church, community, council, family, and youth.

Let us, together, do our best and develop a calendar of programs, with the tools supplied by our State Council and Supreme, to have fun in doing God’s work and bringing other likeminded Catholic men into our Order. Vivat Jesus!

Keep the Faith,

Jim Sweeney, FDD

NJ State Council General Program Director

“Protecting God’s Kingdom”