I would like to offer my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Past State Deputy Andy Lipenta and his team for carrying on the traditions and programs of the New Jersey State Council. Their dedication and commitment to expanding the programs, training and membership in our state demonstrated their deep commitment and love of our organization. Let me thank Andy’s staff and chairmen on the membership and program teams for all their hard work in leading our state through many challenges during Andy’s tenure


I also want to thank all the District Deputies and Grand Knights who led their Districts and Councils during these fraternal years with steadfast loyalty to the principles we espouse as Knights of Columbus.


I now welcome all the new and returning District Deputies and Grand Knights. The titles of District Deputy and Grand Knight are not just titles. They reflect a promise and commitment to our order and principles of the Knights of Columbus. You are the leaders we will rely on to support and expand our programs. You are the leaders who will grow our order to new levels in every council and district in our State.


Lastly, I want to thank my membership and program team. With me, these men have dedicated themselves to reaching new goals and carrying on the state’s action plan. We have new state incentives for the District Deputies, Councils and Sponsors that will help us grow our order and programs. My team and I are determined, committed and excited about the next few years.


\As always, my appreciation extends to all of our Past State Deputies, without whose guidance and wisdom, the State Council’s great legacy would not continue.


I know, together, we can accomplish and do great things. Dedicated and determined we can overcome all obstacles. “Protecting God’s Kingdom” is our duty. Have a great year.


Vivat Jesus, 

Bruce De Molli, KSG, State Deputy